A powerful Geocaching app for the iPhone with a focus on usability and design.

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Available in English and German.

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Browse the map for geocaches

You can exclude caches you’ve already found as well as your own caches. Apply filters to only show geocaches you’re interested in. Prefer OpenStreetMap? We got you covered!

Scroll through the list

You can sort the list by number of favorite points as well as by distance (distance from your current location or distance from the map center). Filters are available, too, of course.

All information at a glance

Name, ratings, size, favorite points, logs, waypoints, trackables, hint, photos — all these information are presented on a single screen. No need to hop between multiple layers of screens.

Navigate with feedback

The navigator tells you the way to your destination. It warns using vibrations and beeps when you approach your target. Never walk past a stage again because you were talking with your friend.

Log your findings

You don’t need to write your full log message immediately—safe it as a draft and finish your log when back at home. You can also attach photos and give favorite points.

Synchronized lists

Lists are automatically synchronized with Whether you add a cache to a list on your phone or on the website—it’s in the list. Of course your Pocket Queries are also available.

Handy tools

Some handy tools might help you score a First to Find or get the solution for the next multi-cache stage.

Dark Mode

For people who do geocaches at night or just prefer a dark interface—there is a beautiful dark mode for you.